Lessons from Cheaper By The Dozen

Have you ever seen these movies? They are near the top of my favorite list. Lately Grant, my 5 year old, enjoys sitting down to watch good old family movies. It's a fun stage, something I feel I've waited anxiously for because I can only take so much of PJ Masks, and don't get me … Continue reading Lessons from Cheaper By The Dozen


Campfire Foil Dinner At Home + Recipe

I recently posted my love for carrots over on Instagram. My absolute favorite way to eat carrots is roasting them! Either with a roast in the crockpot, or the recipe I'm about to share with you here. This is one of the easiest ones yet, not to mention healthy, so don't hesitate! It's so easy … Continue reading Campfire Foil Dinner At Home + Recipe

Strawberry Chocolate Chip “Nice” Cream / Healthy Dippin’ Dots + Recipe

Happy National Ice Cream Day! What better way to celebrate than with a healthy but delicious ice cream? Not to mention, incredibly easy. These "chocolate chips" are really cacao husks. If you'd like to replace them with nibs or any kind of chocolate, feel free. INGREDIENTS: 5 ripe, frozen bananas 10 frozen strawberries 1 Tablespoon … Continue reading Strawberry Chocolate Chip “Nice” Cream / Healthy Dippin’ Dots + Recipe

Solstice Chocolate Tour & Tasting

DeAnn and her family started making artisan chocolate in their home using just household items rigged to perfect what is now an internationally acclaimed bean-to-bar chocolate. 5 years later, she is still passionate about chocolate, working from her facility in Murray, Utah. Solstice is named for the traditional practice of harvesting cacao two times a year. … Continue reading Solstice Chocolate Tour & Tasting