Behind the Scenes


Hello! This is me!
Yesterday morning, a sentence came into my mind and I recited it over and over until I could write it down and then google it to be sure it was really coming from me and not a memory of something I’d heard somewhere: “The more we learn, the more we know, the more we change, the more we grow.” It’s what this life is about, isn’t it? Learning and growing to gain knowledge, the only thing we’ll take with us after this life. I often feel I’m bursting at the seams with new information I’ve learned and I want to share with the people I love, so I created this brand.

I’m a forever student in the school of life, trying to be confident in my own skin NOW instead of wishing things were different. Too much time is wasted every day wishing to be thinner, happier, healthier, stronger, or smarter instead of seeing the joy in each moment and loving ourselves how we are. It’s not until later that we look back and see how far we’ve come through trials and the small seemingly mundane parts of every day. I hope to inspire someone to be themselves by sharing the things that fiercely inspire me to be me.

So, a little about myself. My name is Sara and my days revolve around my family, which consists of my dream boat of a husband and our 3 little boys. My husband is 1/2 Tongan; his father is from Vava’u so we are learning about the Polynesian culture together as we teach our sons about their heritage. We’ve actually known each other nearly all our lives, having met in Kindergarten. My mom always told me she didn’t want me to “be silly about boys”, but I was and I was silly about Matty, the little boy in the snoopy sweatshirt.


He says I used to chase him around the playground threatening to kiss his back if ever I caught him. He liked it because he liked me too. We were also in 2nd grade together before I moved to Columbus, Ohio in the middle of 3rd grade, where I grew up until immediately after high school. We continued living separate lives for awhile; Matt served an LDS mission in the Philippines while I was teaching English in Ukraine and traveling through Eastern Europe.  When the time was right, we reconnected through Facebook at the beginning of 2011. It was a whirlwind of a romance from there, with a 3 month engagement before we were married and blessed with a surprise honeymoon baby. We’ve had our trials and we’ve grown closer together as our family grew and will continue to do so. Our children make our lives so much more complete than they could ever have been without them.

My interests and passions seem to expand constantly. I love history and art. I’ve recently been studying everything I can about Women’s Health and Wellness as well as Holistic Nutrition. My family and I are active Latter Day Saints and find purpose and meaning through these beliefs. I love to try new foods, cook and bake, and experience different cuisines. I find passion in yoga, mindfulness, meditation and movement. I love to travel and experience new cultures, trying to be respectful in our differences that make us unique. I dream of swimming with whales one day.

I have been in school part time for what feels like forever, working on my bachelor’s degree in Art History, I’ll be starting my very last semester in August, right after Matt graduates in Computer Science this coming July. We both plan to continue on into our separate Master Degree Programs. I’d love to receive a Doctorate Degree one day, but we’ll see where life takes me. We both have dreams and goals to make life big and grand, but we love the process and we know it already IS big and grand in its own ways. Every day is a new adventure together.


Aside from the kindergarten picture, these photos were taken by the lovely Jen Fauset.

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