5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

​As a mom of 3 young boys I don’t get the luxury of much relaxation during the day, let alone a nap, no matter how much I may need it. My 1 year old has had a high teething fever for several days, and my other two were quite restless through the night, so I was completely exhausted when I woke this morning. A good night’s rest comes and goes in this season of life, so it’s imperative that I have natural ways to boost my energy during the day.

It’s the first thing I do every morning; drink a big glass of water. I’ve read that this habit is an excellent way to flush out toxins after sleeping for so long. It boosts your metabolism and is helpful in curbing unwanted daily cravings. Do you often have headaches or feel tired and dizzy? Upping your water intake could possibly solve that. Everything we eat is turned into energy, because of water. In The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, I learned that if you feel thirsty, that doesn’t just mean you need water. It means you’ve needed water for a long time. “Thirst is your body’s way of saying that it’s been toooo long.”

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Get moving.
Any form of exercise each day is going to give you a major energy boost. I used to think if I was tired, being more active would make it worse, but I quickly learned that I have much more strength for my day when I work out first thing in the morning. When I’m sick or even feeling out of it, I stretch or do an “under the weather exercise.” (My favorite is JessicaSmithTV on YouTube.) I recover noticeably faster when I do this. Today I was so very tired and did an energizing yoga class through Grokker with my favorite instructor, Celest Pereira. She has several videos available on YouTube. If you’ve got enough energy to do a full workout, by all means go for it. Just listen to your body and do what you feel is appropriate.

Nourish your body.
I always have to eat a little something before I exercise each day or I’ll be tired and groggy later. It’s normally just something small like sprouted whole grain toast with peanut butter and honey or apples and peanut butter. Then once I’m done with my workout, I’ll make a full protein packed breakfast like a scrambled omelet or steal cut oatmeal. I always know that if I’m feeling dizzy or tired any time after my workout, I need to hydrate and/or eat something else.
Others prefer to exercise on an empty stomach so I’ll say it again, listen to your body and do what is appropriate for you! Your body needs energy to work hard and it gets that energy from food. Too much food immediately before a workout can be just a bad as no food at all, feel it out.

Notice I didn’t just say “eat”, I said “nourish your body”. I’m not an advocate of using caffeine or sugar to boost your energy. That just makes you crash and crave more junk. The best way to get energy from food is through clean, fresh, healthy foods. Get out of the habit of thinking you “deserve” a treat or a soda because you’re having a hard day. Those are the times your body NEEDS and really deserves the best things you can give it. Eat well, feel well.

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Peppermint Oil.
I used to work at a call center desk job that bored me to tears. The girl next to me introduced me to the beauty of essential oils for the first time. She had me dab some peppermint oil on my ear lobes or temples, even take a whiff of the bottle to give me that clarity I needed in order to get through the next hour or so. It wakes you right up!

Yoga Nidra.
It’s said that 30 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. It’s something you’d need to practice, but if nothing else, it’s incredibly relaxing and restorative. YouTube has plenty of options for you to try if you’d like. This specific practice is mastering the stage between being awake and asleep, in complete relaxation. Give it a try!

I hope one of these examples helps to give you a needed boost to your day! Of course, if you’re sick or exhausted, rest is so very necessary to help our bodies recover. If you can nap, by all means, go for it. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

As always, consult your doctor and do your own research! You don’t have to take my word for it.

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